Wait…what is this about?

Hello fellow nature and wildlife lovers,

Welcome to my page! In my life I have two BIG loves, good food and wildlife. A few years ago, I decided to plunge into a major career change and pursue what my heart loved all along, to do my bit for wildlife and their conservation. My outlook about conservation is mostly positive and I really hope to keep it rolling that way for as along as I can. I truly believe that people have the power to make a huge difference to our environment even with one little baby step. So this is what the page is all about. Sharing some awesome conservation stories, cool projects happening locally and internationally, my journey & stories, and anything related to our wild and wonderful planet. Sit back and enjoy the stories written from my heart 🙂

Internship in South Africa
A private nature reserve in South Africa
Trip to Madagascar
Ring-tailed Lemur – My trip to Madagascar