Jungle Book Made Me Cry :(

A note to readers: There are a few spoiler alerts for the movie 'The Jungle Book'. Please read it at your own discretion. This is not a movie review, just me sharing my experience watching the movie. Thank you everyone. 

I had Friday off from work and decided to go watch the newly released movie, ‘The Jungle Book’. I had seen the trailer before and it blew my mind! I love movies featuring animals, especially talking ones. Since I was a young girl, I always thought how great it would be if animals could talk to us. I used to dedicate hours imagining how it would feel to have a talking dog. My thoughts were if animals can talk then they can tell us how they feel. This way, we can better understand their needs and simply care for them better or just leave them alone. I still don’t remember why I had these thoughts at such a young age to begin with.

Jungle Book Cover

Anyway, I found myself in the cinema at 10.30am on a ‘Bring Your Baby’ day. Naturally I was surrounded by many cute babies and their mums who looked like they needed this break.

The animation of the movie was great. So great that it seemed natural that the animals were engaged in perfect conversations. There were some scary moments for the little ones and me. I jumped out of my seat a number of times while trying my best to keep my screams dignified and under my breath. The scary moments were not gory or horrifying, more like moments when something unexpected or bad happened to your favourite character. Since the lights were on throughout the movie, I could see a couple of babies turning around to look at the screen (attracted by the loud growls of the big cats) and wailing their eyes out. Poor fellas! This started worrying me. I hope this does not impact how they feel about animals when growing up. We need all the friends we can get to help support our wildlife. I can only hope they are way too young to remember these scary moments which made them cry.

As I started getting into the movie, I could feel deep emotions taking over. The scenes of animals banded together, looking incredibly beautiful, each with a purpose in this world, each special in its own way and roaming in great numbers really stirred some very sad feelings. All of a sudden, I started panicking. A hundred questions ran a race in my mind. What happens if all this is gone, wiped out, what if our efforts don’t work and we have to live in a world with no animals? I could see scenes from ‘Racing Extinction‘ flashing in my mind. This overwhelmed me so much that I started crying. I am not sure if anyone saw me crying during the movie, if they did, it must have left them very confused. The best part was…I had no tissues on me and I was wiping my tears all over my t-shirt. Yes, it got really yucky. Then it got worse. The two villains in the movie were the Orangutan and the Tiger. This made my head spin. The two species (along with many others) which are in peril portrayed as baddies. GREAT! At this point, I was compelled to walk up to each baby and somehow tell them how beautiful and amazing both these creatures were and this was just a movie.

Perhaps, I should have told this to myself too. I know it is just a movie but one may never know the impression it leaves on these young minds…let alone this grown up animal lover who cried like a baby during the movie! I didn’t mean to take it so seriously. Honestly, I could not believe how it managed to creep into my heart and overwhelm me with such emotions as it did.

On the whole, I loved most part of this movie and it looks like I may be watching it again.

Photo Credit:
(1) Image of book cover -  Vernon Barford School Library viaFoter.com / CC BY-NC-SA
(2) Header - mripp via Foter.com / CC BY
(3) Tiger - pattoise via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND
(4) Orangutan - pattoise via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

5 thoughts on “Jungle Book Made Me Cry :(

  1. I hate it when movies and news reports make animals look incomprehensible and scary, but I guess in this instance, that is how Rudyard Kipling wrote the book, and if you changed the villains, a lot of people would complain that the movie wasn’t true to the book. So maybe they have an excuse. This time. 🙂

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